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SAFAR INDIA: Center for Injured Animals and Rehabilitation of Animals

Welcome to SAFAR: Animal Rehabilitation Center

SAFAR is an acronym of Sawali’s Animal First Aid and Rehabilitation, a center for injured animals. It is a division of an NGO named SawaliSamajik Sanstha, Mahad-Raigad which works for animals rehab and cow protection in India. SAFAR center is registered at Charity commissioner District Raigad.

The thought to create of SAFAR was conceived 5 years ago when group of animal loving peoples met and work together for injured animal rescue and provide first aid for animals. Some more members joined SAFAR and than they treated and took care of injured animals and birds. The situations became tough to handle increasing number of animals and birds. After that SAFAR was founded. Right now the SAFAR centers has three teams:

  • Administration Team
  • On Field Handlers Team
  • Advisor Committee

Right now, animal rehabilitation center, SAFAR has team size of 30 volunteers and members and it is continuously growing.
SAFAR; rehabilitation center for animals also have a unique concept of “Sawali Goushala”. It works for Cow protection as well as Indian cow conservation. The unique concept of “Bhartiya Gou Vansh Vadh Va Sanvardhan” is created for Indian cow breed and provide an healthy environment for their livelihood and improving gene pool. To get more information about cow protection please click here.

So, if you find any injured animal immediately call at SAFAR center rescue helpline number : +91 9545-495-051

Apart, animal rehab services and cow protection we share happiness by having timely events at the “Vrudhashram” Old age homes. We also lead the free camps of TT injections for farmers etc.

Safar Center

  • Save The Planet

    Safar is working to save the planet and trying to create a healthy environment. Safar wants your co-operation also to create safe and healthy planet.

  • Rescue Animals

    We provide first aid services for injured animals and birds. Our main goal is to protect animals and birds and provide rehab services for injured animals and birds.

  • Love Nature

    We love nature and continuously trying to create a healthy nature where animals and birds can live easily. Safar also welcomes your co-operation and help to fulfill the aim.

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