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Sawali Goushala

Sawali Goushala is the center for Cow protection in India and is a part of SAFAR – center for injured animals. The main goal of Sawali Goushala is to make popular Indian cow breed and cow milk. We found that to complete the aim we need to create a good environment and planning to protect cow breed and its milk. To achieve our aim we neither sell cows and nor their milk. We follow the below strategy:

  • We choose a villager or family farmer from nearby village or taluka. The selected villager or farmer should be recommended by an authorized person or Sarpanch of that village.
  • The selected person must sign an agreement for taking care of the cow with penalty; if he does not fulfill his commitment.
  • Only those cows are allocated to the villager which are in state of producing milk.
  • Than only, the villager can sell the allocated cow’s milk and earn his lively hood.
  • We also promte and tell the benefits of Indian cow’s milk to other villagers and residents surrounding areas. We convience them to pay premium of this cow by telling the importance of cow milk. So, through this way a self sustaining model creats.
  • We provide Ox and Bulls to farmers for free of charge during the farming season or parmanent. It helps farmers to manage the cost.
  • Sawali Goushala also initiate breeding programs for cows to make sure the gene pool of the breed.

The idea is becoming successful in utilization of Indian cow milk and till today we have provided shelters to 47 Indian breed Cows, Bulls and Ox.

Cow Protection

Our main goal is cow protection in India and provide a good environment and shelters as well as good utilization of cow milk. To fulfill this aim and move ahead we welcome your suggestions, help and ideas.

We would be more than happy to receive suggestion, support and concept aligned to vision to make it better.
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